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I am currently pursuing B.tech in Mechanical ( 3rd year)  & want to pursue MS . But also want to do the internship, i am not able to choose which should be done when .when i should start my GRE preparation. i would be finishing with my B.tech in 2017.
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asked Nov 27, 2015 in EnggForum by raj
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Hi Raj,

First of all this question does not have any technical ground on category Mechanical to be asked at enggforum ,but enggforum - community is committed towards building skills among students.

Regarding your question :

Its amazing to see your vision on future plans.You should pursue your higher studies (M.S).

Internships in a good company would really add up to your resumes and experience.

Internships are available in various dimensions say for eg: online , offline or regular basis.If it is a regular one then your institution must allow know.

Also companies differ in their terms in selecting students i.e pre-final / final year students.Hence i would suggest you to get start to search relevant internships and get an experience in some good companies.

GRE : Apart from your regular studies and internship hunt ,you must spare time for GRE on a daily basis.

Whats the right time to start ?

Get started right now.No time to waste.. The right time is now; so do it now!

All the Best :)

answered Nov 27, 2015 by slow_learner
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Hai, ALL THE BEST for your studies... If you want to pursue MS and GRE means you should publish a paper in journal... And research is a long time goal so start now itself with your interest subject... Studying 3rd means you may have experience with mini projects know... So select your subject and go with your research preparation...Some colleges like IITs and IISC are posting various program and internships... Company internships are different and you can do project in companies too... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
answered Nov 27, 2015 by ntece