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Even single key cant work.!!
asked Dec 10, 2015 in Computer Science - IT by Dharani
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Kindly post question one by one..it seems you are posting everything in one post..please re.edit your question..

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      I will give some solutions..

Notepad, help not opened??

-> it seems you didn't install genuine operating system

-> first reinstall your operating system

-> then check notepad, hope it will working properly

-> and install some updated antivirus to your laptop which is used to prevent from threats

Keyboard not working??

-> clean the keyboard with the help of air blower

-> after cleaning the keyboard, if suppose you will face the same problem means better you can replace your laptop keypad with the help of hardware experts......

Thank you
answered Dec 10, 2015 by gypsiii
selected Jan 1, 2016 by Dharani
@gypsi it is not recommended to entertain posts with multiple questions in same post..also for a reason notepad help not opening its too much to reinstal the o.s !
I thought notepad.exe was corrupted..and also it seems os infected by virus..so ly I told to reinstall os..is der any better solution??@kevin
Downvote may be for answering questions which are having multiple questions within them..also they are confusing a bit..About your answer also if notepad is not working nobody is going to reinstall O.S ,does some one ? No, most probably we would use some other editors like word or others :)
Is der possible to create html using wordpad? Or word??? Because I encountered some errors when creating html in word..@slow_learner
Basic use of notepad is just to note things and not develop webpage i assume :)