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I just came across the AMCAT and R-SAT certification exams, is it anyway useful to enhance my career?

And how to get the job in the IT company by off campus?, since my college does not offer active on campus placements for such companies.

Give some suggestions and opportunities if it is possible to get job in your company friends.
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asked Dec 14, 2015 in EnggForum by T.PRATHIBA
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Well getting a job is easy but getting the right one is challenging!

But if you have the right skills you can get into any companies easily since there are always positions available for skilled graduates.

Regarding AMCAT and other exams,they are not mandatory to get jobs,there are companies which look upon these scores but if you dont have skills matching the role then these scores too cant get you in.

What should you do ?

Find the skill that you are good in / interested in ,get a training on the same in any good 'companies' (not any education centers).If you have good performance in training you are in !


answered Dec 14, 2015 by ppk