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What is the best efficient way to tune a system of 2nd order. I am designing a Converter and its transfer function is coming as higher than second order system, What method should I use to tune it for close loop design.
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Ziegler-Nichols Method is an efficient tuning method that you can look into.

The tuning procedure is as follows:
1. Bring the process to (or as close to as possible) the specified
operating point of the control system to ensure that the controller
during the tuning is “feeling” representative process dynamic6 and to
minimize the chance that variables during the tuning reach limits.
You can bring the process to the operating point by manually
adjusting the control variable, with the controller in manual mode,
until the process variable is approximately equal to the setpoint.

2. Turn the PID controller into a P controller by setting set Ti = ∞7
and Td = 0. Initially set gain Kp = 0. Close the control loop by
setting the controller in automatic mode.

3. Increase Kp until there are sustained oscillations in the signals in the
control system, e.g. in the process measurement, after an excitation
of the system. 

Other conventional methods are :

  • Fine tuned PID controller
  • Chien, Hrones and Reswick method (CHR)
  • ITAE Tuning Method

Comparisons :


Other References :



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Does Zieglar Nichols method runs efficiently above 2nd order system?