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i am using javascript and jsp to develop website..and also used Apache web server..
asked Jan 1, 2016 in Computer Science - IT by gypsiii
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question is missing details like :
1. Website developed in which language ?
2. Server used ?
or just a website with some html pages ?

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Most of the websites are deployed in php.


To deploy and run JavaServer Pages, a compatible web server with a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty, is required.

JSP is very resource intensive and can be a security nightmare in real time scenarios,a Java server also drives up costs.

You have to buy some hosting space to deploy your website online.
You can have a google search for some "JSP hosting providers" and compare them.

Server & Sites :

answered Jan 2, 2016 by ppk
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thank you....why php is used this much???
you can link this question and ask that question know :) "Why php used widely"