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First time hearing such a thing about frequency !

as stated : resonance is a frequency level of any rotating body or oscillating body

Do body at rest have any frequency ?

How can we measure frequency of a moving body?

How come frequency is generated ?

Very curious to know the same !

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asked Jan 10, 2016 in Mechanical by jiya | 30 views

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as mechanical point of view we determine resonance condition by same as i have stated earlier ,

and in this system body should have some forcing oscillation or free oscillation ,it may be the case of self excited frequency for body which is at rest (as electronics engineer study for semiconductors).


2. if any body doesn't have any motion we can't determine its frequency(except self excited frequency) , their should be some motion (like periodic or in random nature).

because we determine it through motion linear equation(deflection or elongation) , force equation(force balancing) and energy method(using kinetic  energy and potential energy)
answered Jan 10, 2016 by shiv5455