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We can very well transfer any message hidden inside a jpeg image.i.e image being a carrier.

Is the same thing possible in videos being the carriers ?

Is there any kind of possibility to transfer encrypted message along with a video message ?


asked Jan 10, 2016 in Electro-Communication by ppk | 69 views
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how can you transfer via image ?

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You can easily add your message in video files using third party softwares.

But you can try out adding texts in videos without any encryption.

Just Open any hexadecimal editors , and append your informations.

You can add info to image files as well using this method

Note :

If you need to add with encryption , you would have to modify bits (Lsb,usb)

reference  : http://www.sersc.org/journals/IJDTA/vol2_no2/2.pdf


answered May 9, 2016 by slow_learner
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