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explain in term of system property (like heat , pressure , volume whatever maybe)
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haven't heard of "isentraopic" system :) ,have heard isotropic..+1

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An isentropic process is an adiabatic process and is reversible in nature, what this represents is that during the process there is no exchange of heat or matter, the energy gets transferred due the work done. Since the mass does not change during the process,it is reversible and adiabatic; the entropy or the degree of randomness of the system stays constant.

 pv gamma =constant 

The isentropic process is an ideal process and is used to set up a model of comparison for real process. 



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An isentropic process can be defined as a reversible adiabatic process, it means that when the process is going on then during that particular part of the cycle there is no exchange of heat or any matter between system and surrounding. Entropy, Heat and Mass of the system remain constant throughout the process.

For Isentropic Process

PVΓ = Constant


P = Pressure

V= Volume 

Γ = Gamma

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During isentropic process entropy of a system remains constant. Therefore we can write, Δs=s1-s2=0.

From this equation we can say that there is no reversible heat transfer with surrounding takes place during an isentropic process. So for a process is to be  isentropic  following two conditions must be satisfied:

1. reversible

2. adiabatic

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