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If i have an electric supply,how can i determine whether its ac or dc ?
asked Jan 11, 2016 in Electrical by jiya | 85 views

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Electrical current is the flow of charged
particles, or specifically in the case of AC and
DC, the flow of electrons.The fundamental difference between AC and
DC is the direction of flow. DC is constant and
moves in one direction.A simple way to
visualize the difference is that, when graphed, a
DC current looks like a flat line, whereas the flow
of AC on a graph makes a sinusoid or wave-like
pattern.This is because AC
changes over time in an oscillating repetition—
the up curve indicates the current flowing in a
positive direction and the down curve signifies
the alternate cycle where the current moves in a
negative direction.
answered Jan 15, 2016 by Nazneen
is there any other method than graphing the same ? ..
also what do you mean by DC move only in one direction ? does that say AC moves in multidirections ?