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There are frequent waterings done after the concrete has been done.

Does that not affect the quality of concrete ?

After some concrete work is done , how well we should water & what are the intervals for the same ?
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Concrete is mixture of binding material and filler material. Binding process is completed by the action of hydration reaction. this reaction involves cement reacting with water, which forms gel and releases heat of hydration. The amount of water added during preparation of concrete is fixed and depends on type of MIX(Compressive strength), the client requires in its construction.

So to complete this reaction , we need frequent curing(process of adding water to cement and concrete surface) to be done after 24 hours of placing fresh concrete. This imparts strength and durability to strength. 

the process of curing depends on type of structure like walls, roofs,flooring,beam and columns. This is done usually till formwork is not removed. Formwork means the mechanical shuttering provided to give the concrete appropriate shape. Mainly these structures require 10-12 days of proper curing. 

answered Jan 19, 2016 by vivekg138
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After setting of concrete frequent watering does not damage it.
 After the concrete work watering should be done in order to keep it
moist and maintain the optimum temperature for hydration. We should
not allow the concrete to dry. Frequency of watering is dependent on
various factors like temperature, how much strength you want to
achieve,design and construction method. Proper watering makes the
concrete more strong ,more impermeable, resistance to stress,abrasion,
freezing and thawing. So while watering key point should be in mind
that not to let it dry.
answered Jan 19, 2016 by puneet agnihotri